Billy Hamilton Blazes Inside Park Homerun

By Jeff Gray

As if Cincinnati Reds’ fans didn’t already have enough to love about Billy Hamilton and what he has accomplished so far this season, he up and hits an inside-the-park homerun on Monday in Pensacola, Florida.  Now, I know what you are saying, “Inside the Parkers are not that rare.  They happen all the time.”  Well in Billy Hamilton’s case, it was the speed with which he did it that makes Reds’ fans salivate and yearn for the days he will be blazing around the bases for the big club. 

Are you ready for this?  Billy Hamilton was timed at 13.8 seconds from home to home in his feat.  Did you catch that time.  The shortstop for the Pensacola Wahoos (AA ball in the Southern League) was timed at 13.8 seconds!

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Evar Swanson of Columbus, Ohio has the record for the time around the bases with 13.3.  If you will go to the footage, it looks as though Hamilton even pulls up as he reaches the home stretch.  There wasn’t even a play at the plate.  That is amazing speed.

Add this accomplishment to the 109 stolen bases, 19 doubles and 10 triples he has accounted for so far this remarkable season, and you have the makings of one major threat with speed should the Reds decide to call Billy Hamilton up to run the bases in a penant race or post-season game.

I have contended for some time to move him quicker.  It appears that I may be rushing a little.  Even with Hamilton’s success on the base paths, he is struggling a little with hitting at the AA level.  He has 6 games under his belt and is only hitting .238.  He does have 5 stolen bases in those 6 games, though.  However, I do believe that he will get accustomed to playing in the east and will get that batting average up over .300 very soon.

Keep an eye out for more Billy Hamilton exploits.  He is worth the price of admission.

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