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MLB Rumors: Boston Red Sox Discussing Deal To Send Carl Crawford To Miami For Hanley Ramirez And Heath Bell

During MLB rumors season, you are always going to have a crazy rumor or two. This latest one which would send Carl Crawford from the Boston Red Sox to the Miami Marlins for Heath Bell and Hanley Ramirez in what I would call a huge change of scenery move.

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If this move is not based simply on change of scenery, I have no idea where it makes sense.  Crawford has never fit in Boston and Bell has basically imploded in this half season in Miami.  Ramirez was never really happy with the Marlins bringing in a guy like Jose Reyes, so it would be a deal of three very unhappy guys.

I would put the chances of this trade at happening near zero.  Big deals like this almost never happen.  In fact, there are very few deals that I can remember that involved trading a big name for a big name.  Normally a team is trying to get prospects when they ship out a name guy.

Then again, both teams need a shakeup.  You could say the Marlins are the most disappointing team in baseball while the Red Sox seem to be stuck near the bottom of the AL East with all sorts of issues.  Both teams need to change something up in order to compete for a playoff berth.  This move may not work out, but it is certainly better than the current status quo.

That is what is great about MLB rumors season, at least.  It always keeps you on your toes.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.