MLB Rumors: Philadelphia Phillies to Offer Pitcher Cole Hamels $130 Million Over 6 years

By Carl Conrad

The Philadelphia Phillies may soon be on the hook for a $130 million contract for star pitcher Cole Hamels.  It has been said that the club will Hamels that enormous amount of money over 6 years, as an initial offer.  While nothing official has been submitted, it is believed to be exceedingly likely that the Phils’ are going to make Hamels an offer in excess of the 6 year deal Matt Cain received with the San Francisco Giants.

If this is to be believed, it is obvious that the Phillies are making a huge play to show their commitment to Hamels and to keep him in the City of Brotherly Love.  The deal is likely to go above and beyond the $130 million once the negotiations get going, especially because Hamels is seeking a deal somewhere between Johan Santana’s $137.5 million and C.C. Sabathia’s $161 million contract.   Both sides are hoping to get a deal done within the next week, but whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

The Phillies would be prudent to get an offer on the table soon to Hamels, as he is likely to become more and more disgruntled and time drags on.  If that happens, the ace is likely to leverage his impending free agency to either break the bank with the Phillies or perhaps take a deal somewhere near his southern  California roots.

Hamels has definitely produced thus far in 2012.  He is 11 – 4 with a 3.07 ERA in 18 starts.  He’ s thrown 127 innings, giving up 107 hits and 43 earned runs while striking out 125 and walking 30.

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