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MLB Rumors: Cliff Lee to the Rangers Heating Up?

Cliff Lee hasn’t exactly had the season most expected he would have after signing that huge deal with the Philadelphia Phillies a few winters ago. Some of that isn’t his fault, but a lot of his numbers aren’t “ace like”. With Cole Hamels a looming free agent, Cliff Lee could be the guy to trade, which would open up more money to try and keep Hamels on the club.

The team that could be most in on Cliff Lee is the Texas Rangers. The Rangers have the farm system to pull it off, and are familier with Cliff Lee. They also need an anchor at the top of the rotation, and Cliff Lee I still believe can be that guy.

It would definitely take Martin Perez to get Lee, but I’m not sure what else the Rangers would give up because they know the Phillies have a major dilemma. I would be stunned if Jurickson Profar was in the deal, but you can never be sure what GM’s are thinking about all the time.

It makes too much sense for both teams to just dismiss this concept. It would benefit everyone involved, because both teams end up getting better. If both teams get better, doesn’t that make the trade worth it?

We’ll see what happens, and we’ll continue to cover all the MLB rumors that are flying around the internet- on

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