MLB Rumors: Red Sox Trading For Hanley Ramirez Highly Unlikely

With MLB rumors swirling around the Boston Red Sox being interested in Miami Marlins third basemen Hanley Ramirez, I think it’s time those rumors come to an end. Even though I could see Ramirez being traded quite easily, the Red Sox don’t have the pieces to get it done. They don’t have the farm system, and Jon Lester doesn’t have the same trade value he had say- last year.

I also question if it would be worth it? Where’s he going to play? Short? Third? Left? Let’s be serious. Any talks for Hanley have to be centered around Will Middlebrooks and would that even be beneficial seeing Hanley hasn’t hit in 2 years? It doesn’t solve the Red Sox problem of a long term solution at SS, and even if they moved Hanley to SS- who plays third?

There’s just no reason to match these two squads together. Ozzie Guillen thinks very highly of Hanley Ramirez so if they trade him for anything short of the world, Ozzie is going to hurt someone- most likely verbally because that’s how he rolls.

Hanley Ramirez could be a very attractive piece for the Red Sox, but he’s just not worth it at this moment in time. The Red Sox should be focusing on a starting pitcher, and let their offense roll. If Adrian Gonzalez starts hitting for power sometime soon, that’s going to be as good as trading for a major bat.

We’ll see what happens, but I wouldn’t count on this one if I were a Red Sox fan.

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