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MLB Rumors: Will the Rays Trade James Shields?

MLB Rumors are flying around numerous names right now, but a name not many have talked about lately has been James Shields. James Shields has been a staple in the Tampa Bay Rays rotation for a long time but he hasn’t thrown all that well this year. He’s actually been one of the worst in their rotation this year which is crazy when you look at the year he had last year. The Rays definitely need some help on offense as Evan Longoria has missed a big chunk of the year and James Shields could be the guy to get it.

I’m not 100% sure they’ll get the kind of value for Shields they’re looking for, and that could be the sole reason why they can’t get something done. I’m also not positive on what kind of player they’re looking for. Would they want young offensive prospects, or an MLB quality bat like Josh Willingham of the Minnesota Twins? You can make the argument the Rays can go either direction so we’ll have to wait and see I suppose.

Would I trade James Shields? If I got exactly what I wanted- heck yeah I would. Shields is pretty inconsistent so there’s just not much to want to keep. His salary is high for a team like the Rays which doesn’t help either and the Rays have a ton of good young arms in the minors.

James Shields should definitely be a name that could heat up more and more as the trade deadline approaches. What do you think the Rays should do with him?

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