William Dillon, Wrongly Imprisoned For 27 Years, Sings National Anthem Before Tampa Bay Rays Game

By Riley Schmitt

William Dillon is a man who has been through a lot.  At just age 21, he was sent to prison for a murder that he did not commit.  27 years later, he was found innocent.  Wednesday night, the Tampa Bay Rays asked Dillon to sing the national anthem and he sung it extremely well.

Stories like this are always cool to see.  I am not sure how long William Dillon has been out of prison but I can not imagine that it has been a long time.  I think the Rays were extremely smart in allowing Dillon to do this.  It is a good perk for him and the team gets good publicity.  Everybody wins!

Dillon was actually a decent prospect before he was sent to prison.  Spending time in prison isn’t exactly a good way to make a baseball team.  Dillon always knew he was innocent and he never let that prison stand in his way.  I am glad that he was able to sing this at the Rays game.

The way that Dillon sings is great.  He has a very good voice and I am impressed with how well he sang the song.  There is a lot of pressure on singers at baseball games but Dillon nailed it perfectly.  I would not be shocked if the Rays brought him back to sing at more games.

America always loves stories like that.  Dillon didn’t let his time in prison get him down and as a free man, he is getting to enjoy all the things that he missed.  Sounds like an awesome story to me.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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