Milwaukee Brewers Who Resemble Characters From The Dark Knight Trilogy

By Michael Terrill

With The Dark Knight Rises hitting theatres nationwide this weekend and Christopher Nolan wrapping up his outstanding Batman trilogy, I thought it was appropriate to see what members of the Milwaukee Brewers organization most resemble characters from the three movies.

Ryan Braun as Batman

There is no question Ryan Braun most resembles Batman as he is the savior of Milwaukee. If the Brewers ever have a chance of bringing home a World Series title, it will be because Braun led the team in that direction with his fantastic play. Braun has struggled with the media and MLB over what happened at the end of last season just as Batman/Bruce Wayne struggled with his own demons. Braun must now rise up and get the team on back track as they make a push for a second consecutive postseason berth.

Nyjer Morgan as the Joker

Nyjer Morgan most resembles the Joker due to the way he has played with our emotions and psychologically damaged fans over this past season. After he had one of the most iconic hits in Brewers franchise history in the NLDS last season, Morgan is the opposite of what everyone expected this year. Not to mention, the Joker is the only person who could fully understand Morgan’s crazy antics of creating Tony Plush and other bizarre characters.

Corey Hart as Bane

There is no Milwaukee player who resembles Bane physically, with the exception of maybe former Brewer Prince Fielder, but Corey Hart is the closest we got. The 6-foot-6, 235-pound right fielder/first baseman is the largest non-pitcher on the Brewers roster. People take Hart for granted and do not worry about him until it is too late. His play at the plate has the ability to terrorize opponents and he has been stealing hits from opposing batters with his great defensive play for years.

John Axford as Scarecrow

John Axford appeared to be in control until he got a taste of his own medicine, which brought his greatest fear to light. Axford got the closing job because legend Trevor Hoffman lost the command of his pitches and was very hittable. Now, the same thing has happened to Axford who has surrendered his closing duties to Francisco Rodriguez. Axford will now have to wait in Arkham Asylum that is the Brewers bullpen until he gets another shot at being the closer.

Norichika Aoki as John Blake

Norichika Aoki is the newcomer to the Brewers organization who is determined to make Milwaukee a place of winning. Like John Blake trying to help Gotham City, Aoki will do whatever it takes to make the Brewers better and inspire his teammates to play to their full potential. Aoki has the potential to be a great player, which will help Milwaukee get another chance at a World Series berth in the near future.

Ron Roenicke as Commissioner Gordon

Manager Ron Roenicke understands there are flaws on the team, but like Commissioner Gordon he will not admit publicly the problems. He will agree with the media the bullpen needs to be better but he will not throw any particular person under the bus as the root problem. He continues to have faith in his players, until recently when he finally made the move to switch Axford out of the closer role, and will not give in to outside pressure.

Doug Melvin as Alfred

General manager Doug Melvin most resembles Alfred, as he is the caregiver of the team. He has put together a roster he thinks can be competitive on the field, even if at times he has his doubts.  Melvin believes in each individual player as well as the team as a whole. He stands by each person within the organization when they are in trouble and fixes the roster issues when there appears to be a problem.

Carlos Gomez as Lucius Fox

Carlos Gomez can help the Brewers win several different ways whether he is at the plate, in center field, or on the base path. Lucius Fox manufactures gadgets and weapons to help Batman defend Gotham City, while Gomez is capable of manufacturing runs to help the Brewers win games. Earlier this season Gomez came into a tied game as a pinch runner. While on first base, he continuously distracted the pitcher, which eventually gave him the edge to steal second. The catcher’s throw was off target, which allowed Gomez to reach third. Due to his blazing speed, the throw to third was overthrown, which gave him the free pass home for the walk-off win.

Make sure to see the fantastic finale to Nolan’s outstanding Batman trilogy in theatres this weekend!

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