MLB Rumors: Dodgers Propose a Trade for Ryan Dempster

The trade market for Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster is similar to the one in the NBA for Dwight Howard. For weeks, we have heard countless MLB Rumors regarding Dempster and how this is the week the Cubs finally trade the Major League ERA leader. Now, it appears the Los Angeles Dodgersthe team Dempster prefers – finally made an initial offer.

One could expect that Zach Lee will trade his Dodger blue in for Cubbie blue in the proposed swap. After all, Lee was rumored to go to the Miami Marlins in the nixed Carlos Lee deal. Plus, Theo Epstein went on the record saying the Cubs need a boatload of pitching talent in their system (I don’t think he said boatload, but he said something along those lines).

While I like Ryan Dempster and admit he has been absolutely phenomeneal so far this season, I can’t help but wonder if the Dodgers are making a wise move going after Dempster. Personally, I don’t think the Dodgers are very good, but I can admit my bias after two horribly frustrating losses that my Chicago White Sox had against them earlier in the year. After that series, I tweeted a multiple of things, one of them saying I can’t wait until the Dodgers have a couple 11-19 months soon. Since that series, the Dodgers have gone 7-20, even worse than what I proclaimed.

With that being said, they are obviously in the hunt for both a NL West title or a wild card spot. But how much will Dempster help? Instead of saying the same things I have already said, you can just click here if you are curious why I think trading for Ryan Dempster is a mistake.

Needless to say, Ryan Dempster is probably, finally, likely, hopefully going to make his last start as a Cub tonight.

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