Zack Greinke Confirms Milwaukee Brewers Extension Offer

By Michael Terrill

Starting pitcher Zack Greinke has confirmed the $100 million contract extension the Milwaukee Brewers offered him in recent weeks.

“I can say (CBS Sports’ Jon) Heyman is pretty accurate with what he’s saying, but nothing else,” said Greinke.

Greinke refused to given any other details beyond that statement and did not say whether he was prepared to accept the offer. It is no secret the Brewers want to sign Greinke to a long-term contract extension to keep a solid ace, along with Yovani Gallardo, in the starting rotation. It is in the Brewers best interest to keep Greinke opposed to trading him considering the amount of talent they had to give up to acquire him in the first place.

Unfortunately, Greinke does not seem likely to pass up free agency and appears ready to test the market once the season ends. Even though he wants to pitch in a comfortable environment without the large market media, he also wants to get paid big bucks while playing for a contender. Unless the Brewers can prove they will be a contender next season and can match a $100 million plus offer over at least five years, then they have no choice but to trade him before the July 31 trade deadline.

I personally believe Milwaukee will have the finances to sign Greinke to a long-term deal considering their 2013 salary cap is currently set at $52.4 million. The question is, however, do the Brewers want to spend a large sum of money on a pitcher who may not get the team where they need to be the next time a World Series berth is on the line. Also, would the Brewers prefer to use that money and go after a big-time free agent slugger such as Josh Hamilton?

Milwaukee will give it everything they got to sign Greinke before the end of next week but if the right-hander does not budge, then they have no choice but to get something in return for him opposed to letting him walk freely this winter.

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