Chicago White Sox Acquire Brett Myers from the Houston Astros

By Bryan Lutz

It wasn’t a question of if Kenny Williams was going to acquire some bullpen help, but a matter of when he would actually pull the trigger on a move. And today, the Chicago White Sox finally added a veternan bullpen arm, acquiring Brett Myers from the Houston Astros.

The two prospects going to Houston, Mark Heidenreich and Blair Walters, I never heard of before, so I guess that’s a plus. Although, Walters’ MiLB numbers are very impressive. The 22-year old hasn’t pitched above High-A, but his control is fantastic. In 171 innings, Walters only allowed 39 walks while striking out 165. But since those guys are gone, there is no reason to talk about them, so let’s talk about Brett Myers.

Myers is incredibly average. There’s no other way to put it. In 30 2/3 innings this season, Myers has a 3.52 ERA, a 5.87 K/9, and a 4.24 FIP. One stat that is extremely concerning in regards to Myers is his 1.17 HR/9. If there is one thing you don’t want a reliever to do, it’s give up the gopher ball, especially a reliever that is going to pitch in tight games.

The odd thing about Myers is the Astros coverted him into a reliever this year for reasons unknown to me. The two seasons prior to this one, Myers threw well over 200 innings, including a career year in 2010 where he a 3.14 ERA in 223 2/3 innings. So one would assume Myers will slide into Nate Jones’ role as now as the primary seventh inning guy once Jesse Crain comes back.

I’m very “blah” on the move. I knew and even suggested the White Sox go out and sign a veternan reliever, but Brett Myers has little upside. But given the situation that the White Sox are dealing with in the bullpen, a move had to be made. And if the White Sox only have to pay $1 million the rest of the way, so be it.

So welcome aboard, Brett. Stop allowing home runs.

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