Joe Mauer Fan Decides To Make Jersey Out Of His Back Hair

By Riley Schmitt

Joe Mauer has a lot of fans and lot of those fans are quite passionate. The Minnesota Twins catcher might have one of the weirdest fans in the game after Saturday. This guy is so passionate about his love for Mauer that instead of buying his jersey, he just shaved it into his back hair.

See, this is why some people should not be allowed out in public.  This guy decided that shaving Mauer’s name and number into his back hair was a good idea.  Not only is it completely weird and strange, it certainly drew some very weird looks from the fans in his section.  If people want you kicked out, you know you did something right.

I guess there are fans like this for every sport, but this is something that rarely pops up at baseball games.  Something like this would probably happen at a football game but a baseball game just doesn’t seem right.  Baseball games are supposed to be fun, yet civilized.  This guy decided to turn it into a haven for the weird and slightly creepy.

This did have its desired affect, however.  This man got his moment in the sun and is going to go viral on the Internet for at least a couple of hours.  Strange people get honored on the interwebs and this guy will be no different.  Shaving a jersey into your back hair takes dedication, even if you do alienate almost everyone that is around you.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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