MLB Rumors: Matt Garza Pulled From Start; Was He Traded?

The Chicago Cubs have taken Matt Garza out of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals. All speculation is that he’s been traded, which could have very well happened with all the rumors surrounding him. He was seen stretching his forearm,  between innings, and there was a play on a bunt that appears to cause Garza some discomfort.

It’s hard for me to say one way or another because Garza was touching 97 on the radar gun, and most guys don’t throw that hard, hurt. At the same time- the Cubs are going to take NO chances if they’re trying to trade Garza to another team.

Justin Germano has taken over on the mound, but at this point- who cares right?

The Cubs haven’t made an official announcement, but the Los Angeles Dodgers have now focused on Garza according to reports all over the place.

We’ll continue to update you on the situation, but things could have just gotten VERY interesting for the Chicago Cubs.

UPDATE: Matt Garza was apparently taken out due to a wrist injury of some sort. Still trying to get word but I’m not buying it. There’s DEFINITELY something heating up behind the scenes right now. It’s either happened, or about to happen.