Silence is Golden for Mets at Deadline

By Jon Perez

As the Mets lose to the Los Angeles Dodgers for the eighth time in nine games, the Mets are back at .500 (47-47) and it’s safe to call this team done.

What goes up must come down, and for a team that has overachieved the entire season, they’ve come crashing back down to earth. Over the past two games in which the Dodgers attacked the Mets starter early, the problems didn’t stem from the bullpen. It is clear that the Mets are still four pieces away from making a playoff run which includes a closer, two starters, and a right handed bat. All of which are tough to come by in such a buyer heavy market.

The wisest move for the Mets to make is to do nothing. Cash in all of their chips and call up the young talent from the system. Names like Matt Harvey, Jeurys Familia, Jennry Mejia.

By calling these four names up from the farm, it would show how strongly the organization believes in their system and will put them in pressure free opportunities since the team has dropped from the pennant race.

Call in the horses, watch the birds fly south for winter because it seems as if Mets fans are turning to football season after this disappointing stretch.

The team was fun while it lasted and by allowing these young guns to pitch, the organization can finally see how well the system is developing and have Harvey, Familia, and Mejia all contending for roster spots come 2013.

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