Carlos Quentin Close To Three Year Deal With San Diego Padres

By Riley Schmitt

Carlos Quentin seemed like a pretty good trade chip for the San Diego Padres but the team has decided to keep him around.  The outfielder is close to agreeing to a three year, 27 million dollar deal with the team, which gives them a guy with power in the lineup.

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When healthy, Carlos Quentin is an incredibly good hitter.  Most people do not remember that he would have won the AL MVP in 2008 if he did not break his wrist slapping a bat after a bad swing.  That move sat him for the rest of the season which was quite unfortunate.

The Padres apparently feel that they can get more from Quentin on the field than they can in the trade market.  Finding a guy who can hit like CQ is never the easiest thing in the world.  If he stays healthy, this deal should end up working perfectly for the Padres.  If he continues to get hurt, then this deal is going to look bad to a lot of people.

Expect the Padres to still be active in the trade market.  Quentin is only one of the pieces out there that they had to move.  They will try to move as many pieces as they can in order to replenish their farm system to hopefully build a NL West contender.

The deal could still fall apart but it sounds like Quentin and the team have decided to stay together for the long run.  It is just one piece in the puzzle of trying to contend.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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