Milwaukee Brewers Have Reluctantly Become Sellers

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After the National League Central division leading Cincinnati Reds swept the Milwaukee Brewers, it became painfully clear general manager Doug Melvin has no choice but to sell this week.

The Brewers are 10.5 games out of first place in the division and 7.5 games out in the wild card race. Milwaukee needed to take two out of three games in each divisional series to start out the second half of the season but unfortunately that did not happen.

The Brewers started out well winning back-to-back series against the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals. However, Cincinnati proved why no team will be able to compete against them for the NL Central crown and why Milwaukee has no business hanging on to key players who seem willing to depart via free agency at seasons end.

Cincinnati swept the Brewers and Cardinals in two of their first three series to start the second half, and appear well equipped to do the same against the ailing Houston Astros this upcoming week. The Reds are running on all cylinders, even without Joey Votto in the lineup, and are clearly primed to make a deep postseason push.

Milwaukee did not want to sell and were confident they could do enough damage against division opponents to be buyers and contend for a second consecutive division title. Unfortunately, the Brewers failed in that respect and will now most likely watch Zack Greinke walk even after they were confirmed to have offered him somewhere around $100 million deal. Milwaukee will also have to consider who else is expendable in order try to get some much needed offensive prospects in return.

It is disappointing to watch a team struggle like this as there was plenty of promise entering the season. However, when major season-ending injuries happen it is hard for a team to right the ship, especially when certain players who were relied upon to play at a certain level simply do not. The season is not over yet, however, it seems inevitable the Brewers will be tossing in the towel and waving the white flag at some point this week. In fact, I would have to guess owner Mark Attanasio made the phone call to Melvin immediately following the game and gave the order to activate the trade talks.

The Brewers must find a way to bounce back so that they do not waste Ryan Braun’s prime years like the Green Bay Packers did in the early 2000s with Brett Favre.