Atlanta Braves Back Out Of Ryan Dempster Deal With Chicago Cubs (Or Not)

By Riley Schmitt

Update:  Joe Sheehan says he was joking about the trade being vacated.  Deal is still not done, so it might end up not getting done.  Dempster’s official Twitter account has also denied a trade.

For about 30 minutes, everyone thought that Ryan Dempster was headed from the Chicago Cubs down south to the Atlanta Braves.  Well, that is not going to happen as the Braves have backed out of the deal.

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Well, this is certainly interesting.  No one was expecting this trade to fall apart as Cubs fans were happy to get good prospects and the Braves fans were happy to get a good pitcher for the stretch run.  Now we have to sit back and wait on this deal.  It could still happen but it won’t happen in the next few hours or so.

The Cubs will trade Ryan Dempster.  They need prospects to help rebuild.  Keeping Dempster on the roster does nothing for them.  Getting prospects can hopefully turn the franchise around in the next couple of seasons.  Young pitching can help the team contend for years to come.

This trade will probably get revisited before it is all said and done.  Then again, if Dempster does not want to go to Atlanta, there is a good chance that he does not go to Atlanta.  He could really help the Braves and staying in the NL would be good for him.  Not exactly sure where he could go that he would find a better fit.

Hold on to your seats this time of year.  More deals like this will probably end up happening.  Teams are trying to figure out the very best package than can get and some might just back out.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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