Detroit Tigers Acquire Anibal Sanchez And Omar Infante From Miami Marlins

By Riley Schmitt

Adding Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante will make the Detroit Tigers the favorites in the AL Cental.  The Tigers acquired these two players from the Miami Marlins, who are seeing their grand experiment from the offseason crashing down around their ears.

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The Tigers gave up Jacob Turner, who just turned in one of the best starts of his young career but this trade is perfectly worth it.  The Tigers needed pitching and a second baseman.  They just acquired both.  They took over first place in the Central Sunday and now they are trying to extend that lead out.

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If we take Gammons at his word, this is the first trade involving a draft pick.  If someone can explain how the Tigers were part of a “competitive balance lottery” and ended up with a tradable pick, everyone would like to know.

This move will not be taken quietly in Chicago.  The Chicago White Sox will certainly try to make a move to match this as they are also in need of some help.  I am not sure if you can acquire a witch doctor to help with hitting, however.  That is what the Sox need right now, regardless of what Detroit is doing.

You can’t fault the Tigers for putting it all on the line.  Anibal Sanchez might be erratic but he is an upgrade for the rotation.  Omar Infante can play a mean second base.  There is no negative to this deal, unless Turner becomes a star.  There is very little evidence for this, however.

Good for the Tigers.  They were looking at Anibal Sanchez and Infante, so they went out and got them.  Can’t fault a team for doing whatever it takes to win.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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