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MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers In Search of Starter With Colby Lewis Done For the Year

The Texas Rangers got some bad news today as Colby Lewis likely will not return to the team this year due to another injury to his forearm. This should mean the Texas Rangers are going to heat up involving all MLB Rumors until the trade deadline passes.

The Rangers are insanely close to another world series birth, but they need another starting pitcher and there are some big names on the market. They could easily make a play for Cliff Lee or Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies. I could see them getting hotter on Zack Greinke or Shaun Marcum of the Milwaukee Brewers. With all those names being talked about, the guy I could see them going after? Matt Garza of the Chicago Cubs makes the most sense- in my opinion.

The Chicago Cubs are looking for young arms, and the Rangers have them. I don’t think they’d have to part with Jurickson Profar in a deal, which would immediately make it a win win situation. Matt Garza has been rumored to every team on their mother so far this year, so it’s hard to make this some sort of “surprise” type trade suggestion.

How about Martin Perez, C Jorge Alfaro, RHP Cody Buckel, and RHP Justin Grimm?

It keeps the best two prospects in play (Profar and Mike Off), and the Rangers get a quality starter. The Cubs add the young talent they’re seeking, and everyone walks away happy. That’s how it should be working.

We all know Matt Garza has pitched well in the American League, and likely would do just fine in Texas. He’s also team controllable so not a rental kind of guy. Which definitely makes him attractive for any team.

The Rangers are close. I fully believe they’ll make a move on someone by the deadline, but again- my bet is Matt Garza simply because of Jurickson Profar and he’s controllable.

We’ll see what happens, but this could get very interesting.

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