New York Yankees Acquire Ichiro From Seattle Mariners

By Riley Schmitt

Ichiro is no longer a member of the Seattle Mariners and will instead be playing for the New York Yankees.  The Yankees acquired the outfielder for some minor league pitching, but they have added some offensive help for teh stretch run.

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Calling this a shock is an understatement.  Not many people would have guessed that the Yankees would ever trade for Ichiro.  Well, they could have guessed that.  The fact that Seattle gave him up is what is strange.  They must be really serious about trying to rebuild, sentimentally be damned.

This move could backfire, but maybe the stretch run gives Ichiro new life.  It is a risk but the Yankees can certainly take risks.  It is what they specialize in.  They can turn Ichiro around and they will be better off for it.  That is the type of move that you can make with lots of cash.

A lot of baseball people are in shock over this.  Ichiro seemed almost impossible to trade.  He’s expensive and he’s forever linked to the Mariners.  Him on the Yankees just feels really really weird.  I am sure that he will be fine with them but he could fail.  There is always that chance.

The Yankees are never silent around the deadline.  This move shows that they want another ring and they want it bad.  Cost does not matter but the price of getting Ichiro could be a boon in other ways.  More attention and more money is never a bad thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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