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Roberto Hernandez: The Pitcher Formerly Known as Fausto Carmona Celebrates Missing Birthdays

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This season, MLB had an epidemic on their hands. That epidemic was falsifying your identity. We learned that Miami Marlins pitcher Leo Nunez was actually Juan Carlos Oviedo, who we haven’t seen pitch this year. And we also learned Cleveland Indians pitcher Fausto Carmona is indeed Roberto Hernandez, not the 300-save Roberto Hernandez, either. The one major thing about Roberto Hernandez is he also lied about his age. Roberto Hernandez is actually 31-years old instead of being the 28-year old Fausto Carmona.

So the Cleveland Indians did what they felt was necessary, giving Herandez birthday cakes for his three missed birthdays. This. is. fantastic. I think we would be amazed how many of these identification papers or whatever are accurate from these nations, but they need to do whatever is unnecessary, even making themselves older sometimes.

It’s good to see the Indians can make humor out of this sort of thing. I’m sure Hernandez is somewhat nervous to return after fibbing over his “ASL” faux paux. I know I’d feel a little embarrassed. However, in regards to the Indians, the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona was a pretty terrible pitcher.

At age 26, Hernandez was fantastic for the Cleveland Indians, leading them to Game 7 of the ALCS with eventual Cy Young winner CC Sabathia. But we thought Fausto Carmona was doing this as a 23-year old, not a 26-year old. Since then, Hernandez has a 33-48 record, with a 5.01 ERA, 1.36 K:BB, and an 1.484 WHIP.

So for the sake of the Indians, I hope Roberto Hernandez can forget Fausto Carmona really existed.

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