Milwaukee Brewers: Must deal Zack Greinke ASAP

By Bobby Malecki

The Milwaukee Brewers are currently 44-52, having lost five straight games and are out of playoff contention. Despite the murky waters that the Brewers are currently treading in, they have an ace up their sleeve: starting pitcher Zack Greinke. 

Zack Greinke is the biggest prize on the trading block right now for teams that need that extra piece to solidify their playoff positioning and a chance at a deep post-season run.

Premium starting pitching is always in high demand due to the shortage of it throughout Major League Baseball, so the time is NOW to cash in their chips. Don’t be the guy whose up $2,000 on the roulette tables in Vegas at 2 a.m. on your last night there to stay that extra hour and blow it all. (Yeah, that was me circa 2009)

In Greinke’s most recent start tonight vs. the Philadelphia Phillies in front of a throng of scouts, Greinke delivered an efficient outing: 7IP, 5h, 0 walks and 5k’s on 87 pitches. With Milwaukee’s suspect bullpen, it’s a mystery why Greinke wasn’t left out there to make a run at a complete game?

One could surmise that a deal is about to go down, and it better. And it better be good.

The Brewers are lacking at shortstop  (SS) at both the big league level and in the farm system. Coincidentally, in order to acquire Grienke prior to the 2011 season, Milwaukee dealt a superstar SS in the making in Alcides Escobar. It was the right move then.

And now is the right time to get a blue-chip SS prospect back.

Both the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers are rumored to be extremely interested in Greinke’s services. Both Baltimore and Texas possess what the Brewers desire: A top-notch SS prospect.

In Baltimore, there is Manny Machado, the 20-year old, former #3 pick in the 2010 MLB Draft. In Texas there is Keith Law’s #1 minor league prospect in the game, 19-year Jurickson Profar.

Profar would be the ideal guy to acquire for Greinke. Keith Law, a highly regarded expert in evaluating baseball talent, uses the words ‘superstar’ and ‘elite’ in describing Profar’s Major League future. Profar recently hit a homerun in the Baseball Future’s game.

Profar excels in all phases of the game. He has speed, pop, hits for a good average, can create havoc on the base paths, possesses outstanding range and a cannon for an arm at SS.

Texas is said to not be interested in trading Profar. I call their bluff!

Texas has lost two consecutive World Series’ and that cannot sit well. It’s also crystal clear that Texas is going to need superior pitching to get past the New York Yankees, etc. in the American League.

Furthermore, one of Texas’ top of the rotation pitchers, Colby Lewis, is out for the season.

If Texas is serious about putting themselves in a position to win a World Series, sacrifices must be made. Greinke could be the missing link. And with current 24- year old SS Elvis Andrus being an established, Top 5 big league SS, Profar should be expendable. If not, NO DEAL! HARD STANCE!

Win now, or cry later Texas!

Greinke for Profar makes a tremendous amount of sense for both Milwaukee and Texas. If the Rangers aren’t willing to deal, move on and see if a playoff starved Baltimore franchise is willing to play ball and deal Machado.

The time is now to move Greinke and get a legitimate package in return, preferably centered around a marquee SS prospect.

Doug Melvin, the clock is ticking and all eyes are on you.


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