MLB Rumors: Are The Blue Jays Making a Run At Hanley Ramirez?

By gilgerard

Whew, how’s this for MLB Rumors? According to several major news outlets, the Toronto Blue Jays have inquired about 3B Hanley Ramirez. The Miami Marlins have been rumored to severely change their stance regarding Hanley over the last few days after reports surfaced about Hanley’s hand injury. Throw in the fact Hanley has given the club headaches since the winter over Jose Reyes paired with mediocre seasons- it only makes sense to try and trade him on the high opposed to being stuck with him for awhile.

I actually think this is more smoke than fire, because I believe the Marlins could get more from another organization. Sure, the Jays have some good young talent, but so does several teams. I’m not convinced a deal centered around 2 arms and Anthony Gose is going to get it done, but if the Marlins want to just get rid of Hanley and be done with it- I’m sure it could happen I suppose.

I’ve never been a major Hanley Ramirez fan, and that’s fine- but I don’t think the Marlins should just “dump” the guy. I believe that they could get more by making him available to several teams, not just the Jays.

From the Jays side of things, I could see them wanting to flip Hanley right away for pitching- ugh. I don’t know really what will come out of this.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days, but my gut says Hanley will not get traded at the deadline, and is more likely to get traded during the winter. I very well could be wrong if someone goes above and beyond what the Marlins should get for him.

I love MLB Rumors, especially during this time. It’s just absolutely awesome.

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