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MLB Rumors: Are the White Sox, Blue Jays, and Brewers Talking 3 Way Trade For Zack Greinke?

In a wild week, MLB Rumors have really skipped upwards. Here’s one that I’ve heard several people talk about. With the Detroit Tigers landing Anibal Sanchez, all eyes fall on the Chicago White Sox and what they’re going to do to counter that move. The White Sox have been linked to Zack Greinke (who hasn’t though?), and are rumored to be looking for another team to get in on the help to acquire the right hander. Well, Kenny Williams has made several trades with the Toronto Blue Jays, and with the Jays needing pitching themselves, Gavin Floyd is the name being thrown around going to Toronto.

Let’s try and break this potential trade down the best we can.

The Blue Jays receive:

RHP Gavin Floyd,

The White Sox receive:

Zack Greinke

The Milwaukee Brewers receive:

RHP Addison Reed, RHP Nector Molina, RHP Greg Infante, LHP Greg Nicolino, and OF Moises Sierra


This is obviously a sizable trade so let’s take a look a little deeper.

The Brewers would receive reliever and closer Addison Reed, top pitching prospect Hector Molina, and RHP Greg Infante from the White Sox. The Blue Jays would receive Gavin Floyd from the White Sox, and send LHP Greg Nicolino and OF Moises Sierra to the White Sox who would immediately flip them to the Brewers for Greinke.


Okay- why would I do this? Well- I wouldn’t if I were the Blue Jays. I’m not a Gavin Floyd fan and I don’t think he gives the Jays what they’ll need. However, he’s been linked to Toronto for a long time so my opinion doesn’t matter.

Why would I do this if I were the White Sox? That’s simple. Look- you can find another Addison Reed. I like him, he’s got good stuff, but he’s a reliever and again- u can find and develop another Addison Reed (Jacob Petricka?). Trading Hector Molina and Greg Infante from your own system for a guy like Greinke could put the White Sox in the world series so that’s a simple decision. Greinke and Chris Sale? Yes please.

Why would I do this if I’m the Brewers? Well, I don’t think Greinke signs a contract extension so I don’t think they have the choice honestly. I think they can get a better deal from say…the Texas Rangers, but if this is the best on the table- you’ve gotta do it.

This is nothing but a rumor, but a sizable one at that. Kenny Williams is known for pulling rabbits out of his hat, and works well with Alex Anthropoulos. I could see it happening at the last hour.

This much is sure. The White Sox need help if they’re going to get Greinke. The Blue Jays could serve as that help.

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