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MLB Rumors: Cubs Looking To Trade Paul Maholm Back To The Pirates?

MLB Rumors have really picked up over the last few weeks, and the Chicago Cubs continue to be right in the middle of all of it. However, here’s a name that hasn’t been talked about quite a bit- Paul Maholm. Maholm has actually been pretty decent this year which I’m sure the Cubs had hoped so they could deal him at the deadline. In a pretty cool events, talks have reportedly picked up between the Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates (former team) for Maholm.

The Cubs wouldn’t get a ton in return, but Paul Maholm is a nice 4th or 5th starter, who takes the ball every 5th day and gives you all he has. He’s not an ace or a difference maker, but you need as much depth as you can as September comes rolling through and Paul Maholm would supply that for the surprising Pirates.

If the Cubs can get a couple single A prospects for him, I would be happy with the deal. Maholm isn’t a long term solution for the Cubs and he knew that walking in. I respect the job Maholm has done for the Cubs, and hope he can continue that for whatever team he ends up on.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are intent on building from the ground up, and everyone has value for them to succeed with their plan.

We’ll see what happens but Paul Maholm back to the Pirates makes a ton of sense for both teams involved.