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MLB Rumors: Hunter Pence on the Trading Block?

At one point and time, MLB Rumors had the Cincinnati Reds in the running for several Philadelphia Phillies.  It was speculated that the Phillies were going to be sellers in the trade market as the deadline approached.  The names most often mentioned as trade bait with the Reds were Cole Hamels, Juan Pierre and Shane Victorino

MLB Rumors has Cole Hamels and the Phillies on the fast track to signing an extension that would keep Hamels with the Phillies and in their future plans.  So, even though the Reds were a long shot in getting Hamels, it now appears that they are a no shot.

As for Juan Pierre, the rumors have cooled as to the Reds interest in him.  So I would say the chances of a trade for Pierre are slim for the Reds.

Shane Victorino is one Phillie that is still being bantered around as trade bait.   However, word has it that the Reds have taken themselves out of the running for his services based on their financial and team needs.  So don’t look for Victorino in Cincinnati red any time soon.

It appears that recent MLB Rumors has another Phillie on the trade block.  That rumor is now Hunter Pence and the Cincinnati Reds seem to be a team interested in that trade prospect.

Here’s what Pence brings to the table:
-BA – .268 – This is down for his career, so you would figure that he is due for a good August and September.
-HR – 17 – That would put him as a leader for the Reds.  Plus, putting him in GABP for about half of the games left and you should see a 30+ number by the end of September.
-Versatility – Yes he is a right hander and that is not ideal for the Reds.  However, with the rumors flying that Carlos Quentin is off the trading block, the Reds cannot be too picky.  Pence can hit in the 4 hole for the Reds.  That would mean that Brandon Phillips could move to leadoff, Zack Cozart to second, Joey Votto 3rd and Pence 4th.  That would be a potent lineup.
-Experience – This cannot be overlooked for the Reds.  They will need that postseason experience that really lack now.

How it will all turn out is anybody’s guess outside of the inner circle.  However, a trade for Hunter Pence would be a worthy move for the Reds and fit a need.  Given his slump in July, it may be the right time to make a move for him.

Stay tuned to MLB Rumors as the trade deadline gets ever closer.

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