New York Mets Option Lucas Duda to Buffalo, Bring Acosta Back to Bullpen

By Kevin Van Pelt

After what was a promising season for the New York Mets heading into the All-Star break has turned into a nightmare. The Mets have have lost nine out of their last 10 games and have now fallen under .500 for the season. Now the Mets have optioned Lucas Duda down to Buffalo.

This move is not what fans expected to see when the season began. Duda was supposed to be one of the power bats in the lineup who could produce about 25 home runs for them. The numbers for Duda this season tell the story on his demotion. He is batting .241 and is batting under .200 in the last month and his slugging percentage is at .391. Compare that to his number last season where he batted .292 and had a slugging percentage of .482.

There was talks early this year about sending Ike Davis down to Buffalo, but he was never sent down. He is still struggling to get hits consistently, but it’s his defense that the kept him around while he was struggling at the plate. As for Duda, he is strictly a hitter and no more. He doesn’t have a position he can play well at in the outfield and there has been too many blunders with him this season. He has turned routine fly balls coming in his direction into an adventure.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Mets are now turning into sellers more than buyers. Their recent struggles have deflated the fans and their seems to be no hope coming for the rest of this season. A good sign on how desperate the Mets are right now is the fact that they have called up Manny Acosta to take back his spot in the bullpen. The same Acosta who has an ERA over 11 with his time on the Mets this year. At this point Terry Collins and the Mets front office seem to be reaching for something that is not there.

Santana is on the DL, Duda is gone and Acosta is back. Just one month ago saying all of this seemed highly doubtful. Now that it has happened, the Mets can start getting prepared for the 2013 season. The moves that are being made now either are moves of desperation or a sign that the Mets are surrendering the 2012 season.

As it has been for the last five years, the Mets have given fans false hope in the first half of the season only to disappoint come mid-July.


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