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New York Mets Savior: Craig Hansen!

Yes Mets fans, this is the day you have all been waiting for as the trade deadline nears.  Your New York Mets made probably their only deal of the season and the result is none other than…wait for it…Craig Hansen! This should be enough to get the tweeters started and the die hard fans whimpering at the state of the Mets after an incredible first half has now been laid to waste.

Before the All-Star break it was realistic that the Mets should be buyers and you could almost hear the cry from the Wilpons’ booth with every win.  As a fan, you always want to believe, but as the losses in the month of July have been piling up, now all you hear is a sigh of relief that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are not forced to pretend to be contenders.

The acquisition of Craig Hansen symbolizes all that has been wrong with the Mets for many years.  The fans want nothing more than to see a winning club and while the players busted their butts for the first few months, management could not find it in themselves to offer some help.  Now the consolation prize will start an assignment in the minors to try to make it to the big leagues.

I do not even feel it is relevant to post Hansen’s stats here as he is a forgotten remnant from St. Johns that has not even pitched in the majors since 2009 when he was with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  So all Mets fans can sit back and enjoy another uphill run for their beloved Metropolitans  as they once again will not be seeing any type of cavalry coming over the mountain.  As Lucas Duda is sent to the minors and Jason Bay remains in the lineup, you start to get the feeling that the white flag has been raised. So here’s to you die hard Mets fan!  Your savior has arrived!  More than likely, though, this savior will not be resurrected from the dead to save this season, or any other.