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Brandon Phillips: Playing Like an All-Star

When the fans voted for All-Star at 2nd base, it was unbelievable that Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds finished second to Dan Uggla of the Atlanta Braves.  Phillips had every statistical advantage over Uggla for the season.  Consequently, it was assumed that Phillips would be named as a reserve player by Tony LaRussa.  That, however, did not happen either.  Even though Dusty Baker didn’t take it like a gentleman, Brandon Phillips showed class and did.  He took the time off and has back with a vengence.

Brandon Phillips is now playing like a man determined to show everyone that he is the true All-Star at his position.  Here is what he has done since the All-Star break:
-BA – All Phillips has done here is raise his overall batting average 10 points.  He is hitting at a .417 clip since the break.  Keep in mind that about half of those games he hit 4th in the line up and the other half he hit 3rd.
-RBI – He has knocked in 10 runs since the break.  They were all very much needed as the Reds are playing without Joey Votto.  Someone had to pick up the slack and, so far, that someone has been Brandon Phillips.
-SB – 3 – This from a guy who had 5 before the break. (Still 0 caught stealing for the year.)
-HR – 2 – He had 10 before the break.
-OBP – .442 – Phillips is 120 points higher in this category since the break.
-Errors – 0 – Now to be fair, Phillips only had 2 errors before the break.  He is still making plays at second that no one else could make.  No one.

Brandon Phillips has clearly stepped up his game.  He now has a batting average of .298 and has a hit in 8 out of the last 10 games.  He has multiple hits in 6 of those games.  For a team in need of extra help with Votto on the DL, Phillips has gladly provided that help and proven that he is the All-Star of the NL.