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Market Value for Scott Hairston/Tim Byrdak

The Mets have said that they would not be sellers at next week’s trade deadline.

However, at 47-51, and 11.5 games behind the Washington Nationals for the division and 7  games behind the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates for the second Wild Card spot, the team might have to sell.

Not sell the big guns like Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, or dare I say David Wright?

But see what the market value holds for right handed slugger Scott Hairston and left handed reliever Tim Byrdak.

Teams that are sniffing a playoff run could use either the slugger or lefty specialist.

Scott Hairston has earned his time against left handed pitching and can play a solid out field position, has hit .250/.293/.500 (Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage) but has shown with his 12 home runs that he can show some pop in late game situations for contending ball clubs.

Tim Byrdak has been the poor mans Pedro Feliciano but has still had a solid year. Byrdak appeared in 52 games this season and is 2-2 with a 4.82 ERA as a lefty specialist for a free falling Mets team.

With this team so far off the playoff run, it might be wise to be sellers this trade deadline and see if the Mets could obtain any young talent for a ball club that needs as much positive as it can get. But not at a cost of a young talent ie. Daniel Murphy, Jordany Valdespin, or Lucas Duda, therefore trading off veterans such as Hairston or Byrdak could be beneficial for the ball club in the near future.

This franchise finds itself in another evaluation period and has to find the right personnel that could lead this team to it’s first championship since 1986. This is time to examine exactly what the franchise has in it’s young talent. It’s first issue is to see exactly what production can be found out of Matt Harvey, Harvey will make his Major-League debut Thursday night in Arizona.

Another name that is in constant need of playing time is Jordany Valdespin, the rookie utility man set a franchise record by hitting his fifth pinch-hit homerun, and has hit enough to earn a spot in the starting lineup. Valdespin is hitting .292/.320/.583 and has the speed to be a future outfielder for the team.

After losing eleven out of twelve, it’s all hands on deck, cash in the chips and evaluate the talent they have for the rest of the 2012 season and become a competitive team in 2013 and finally give the Mets fan base a reason to watch this team past July.