New York Mets: Curse of the All-Star Player

By Craig Moir

Is it just an uncanny coincidence that befuddles the New York Mets as they search for the right mix of quality players to build a team around?  Is it just dumb luck that no matter what all-star player they sign or trade for that more times than not they find themselves with the proverbial pie in the face? Or is it a curse from the baseball gods on the city of New York allowing the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Baseball Giants to leave for the gold coast of California?

This lovable team from Flushing, Queens has seen a couple of bright spots in their history of fifty plus years.  Yet they have seen more moves fail than any reasonable owner, manager or fan should have to endure.  Stars such as Jim Fregosi, George Foster, Ricky Henderson, Vince Coleman and Mo Vaughn ring a bell.  Then you have the Luis Castillo’s, Robby Alomar’s and the Kenny Roger’s of their history.  No matter what quality position player or pitcher they turn to from another team, it always seems like the same old story.  That player forgets their trade or becomes injury prone as they put on the blue and orange pinstripes.

Most would say that Bobby Bonilla was an absolute bust, but I must disagree as he did post some decent numbers in his second, third and fourth year with the team after a dismal first year.  The problem with Bobby Bo is that he will be paid until 2035 as his contract was deferred with an 8% interest rate and that honus is on ownership for sheer stupidity.

The most recent bust, however, is none other than Jason Bay of course.  The $66million man is the worst of all busts the New York Mets fans have had to watch.  After posting All-Star numbers for years with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox, Jason Bay Left his baseball acumen on the 7 line while traveling to CitiField.  Bay has been injury prone, not for lack of hustle, but because of it.  He can not put together any kind of average season with the Mets, never mind an all-star year that everyone expected when signing his contract.

The Mets need to cut ties with Bay by the trade deadline and more than likely put him on the Bonilla Plan until 2035 just to give the fans hope.  The fans deserve hope that Sandy Alderson and his wizards in the front office can possible turn the tide for this flailing franchise that is more known for their busts than their championship trophies.

Maybe the baseball Gods did curse the franchise that took their colors from the baseball Giants and the Dodgers in order to appeal to a fan base that lost their beloved teams to the west.  Then again, maybe it is just the ownership over the years from initial owner Mrs. Joan Whitney Payson to Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon to now Fred and Jeff Wilpon as the goats that want the big name but can’t make the pieces in the puzzle fit.  For now, all Mets fans can do is watch another second half swoon and just believe that Alderson will rid the club of their latest blemish that is Jason Bay.

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