Ryan Dempster Blocks Braves Trade: Kills Deal

By gilgerard

Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren has announced that they’ve “moved on” from the Ryan Dempster trade, essentially killing talks (for now) because Ryan Dempster has blocked the trade to Atlanta, and would rather play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I’m incredibly disappointed Ryan Dempster has gone away from what he’s stood for his entire tenure with the organization.

Ryan Dempster has been an outstanding teammate, citizan, professional, and role model for everyone in and out of the organization. The values he’s built his career on were to be modeled by all, and that’s who I believed Ryan Dempster was. Blocking this trade, takes away the professional from his resume, and it kills me to say that. Since Dempster has done a few different interviews with Rant, it’s hard to write a negative piece about the guy- but essentially…if the shoe fits…

Blocking the trade is incredibly unprofessional and shows that Ryan Dempster does not have the Cubs future at heart- like he says he does. He says he cares about the organization and the future- but yet won’t go to a contending team for 2 months which brought a very good return to the Cubs. He doesn’t care about the organization- he cares about Ryan Dempster. That’s his right, but stop saying it because I no longer believe in what you have to say, Ryan.

The Cubs will never get the value for Dempster he’s already been traded for, and that’s tough to watch as Cub fans everywhere thirst for a consistent winner. Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein are determined at building this thing from within, and trading valuable pieces (like Dempster) now is going to serve the team well in the future. It’s a shame that Ryan Dempster has put a major crack in his professional character with this one simple selfish decision. How many people in America get to CHOOSE if they want to be transfered to a different location or not? Not many. So I don’t want to hear the whole family argument because Dempster is incredibly blessed to be playing baseball, making the money he’s making.

I don’t know how we as Cub fans can accept it, and be okay- no matter what he’s done for the organization in the past.

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