Chicago Cubs: Should Fans Be Mad At Ryan Dempster?

By Randy Holt

By now, most fans in around Major League Baseball know about the recent Ryan Dempster saga.

Dempster turned a trade to the Atlanta Braves into a disaster, for no reason other than his apparently displeasure with the media leaking the story before the Cubs front office could approach him.

Initially the second team on his “wish list”, Dempster’s reaction caused the Braves to move on, costing the Chicago Cubs a shot at landing Randall Delgado. Now the best the Cubs can hope for might be a Blake DeWitt-type return from the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the leverage is now gone.

The situation has turned many Cub fans against Dempster, raising a debate about whether or not they have the “right” to be mad at the right hander.

Dempster has 10-5 rights. He can reject a trade to any team, which he has earned. He also has said he would be willing to help the team get better for the future, regardless of whether he “owes” Chicago anything or not. The Dodgers and Braves were the top two teams on his list. If they weren’t the front office wouldn’t have wasted the time and agreed to a deal with Atlanta.

But his reaction has been the worst part of this fiasco. We’re all under the impression that his main reason for killing the deal was the fact that the story leaked. This isn’t 1985. Everyone has sources. Stories leak. Twitter allows those stories to spread like wildfire. It’s the nature of the business, here in the 21st century.

Just as Dempster had a right to turn down the trade, the Cubs and their fans absolutely  have a right to be frustrated with Dempster. He killed a potentially great deal for the Cubs and handled it poorly, while destroying any potential leverage the Cubs could have had in a future deal with the Dodgers. Bad news all around.

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