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In-Game Reaction: Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey hurled 5 2/3 innings of shut out ball that included an outstanding 11 strikeouts in his major league debut.

Heading into Thursday night’s game, the Mets had lost 12 of 13 and were looking for any positive they can find. The positive, Matt Harvey.

Harvey was coming off of a rough outing on Saturday night in his last start for the triple-a Buffalo Bisons, Harvey had his sights set to the big leagues, Phoenix to be exact.

The Mets managed to score a couple runs against Arizona starter Wade Miley and steak Harvey a 2-0 lead, Harvey would relish in the moment by striking out the leadoff hitter Gerardo Parra  and worked around a Jason Kubel infield hit to have a fairly easy first inning of his major league career.

Harvey wasn’t dominant but was close to it. Racking eleven strikeouts in his major league debut is nothing to sneeze at. Those eleven punch outs are the most strikeouts in a major league debut since Stephen Strasburg in 2010. Harvey also had a single and double to add to a very memorable first start. In fact Harvey’s name will forever be etched in major league history as the only pitcher to record double digit strikeouts and have two hits.

Harvey showed poise and control, yes the eleven strikeouts jump off of the stat sheet, however, the magnitude of the strikeouts were bigger than the actual number. Harvey escaped a one out runners in scoring position jam in the third inning and struck out both Jason Kubel and Paul Godschmidt to escape the jam. Harvey had chemistry with his battery mate Rob Johnson who caught Harvey in buffalo most of the year and the two were never more in sync than in Harvey’s escape trick in the third inning. Harvey’s fastball was electric and reached a high of 98mph and was still going strong in the sixth at 94mph.

The signs are encouraging for the future, well at least they look encouraging tonight. With that said, in a month’s time we’ll see how Harvey unfolds, how he deals with different lineups, how he deals with adversity and of course how his arm reacts to the high intensity it has yet to see. Will Harvey be the next Doc Gooden of the organization? Will he and Zach Wheeler be the next Seaver and Koosman and lead the Mets back to the post season. Only time will tell, Wheeler won’t pitch in the majors this year but could be in the conversation come the 2013 campaign, a year that will dictate the Alderson/Collins regime along with the franchise.


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