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MLB Rumors: Ryan Dempster Still On The Trade Market

The Chicago Cubs have aggressively been shopping right-handed starting pitcher Ryan Dempster and even though it seemed that the Atlanta Braves at one point had a deal for him, the Braves seem to be dropping out of the Dempster sweepstakes and other teams are entering.

Slowly the Cubs are running out of desirable choices to trade Dempster too, especially after Dempster exploded after being pulled after six innings, allowing three earned runs in the Cubs’ 3-2 loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates Wednesday. Dempster struck out six batters but his commitment to the team must be straining him.

The one team that the Cubs are close to sending Dempster to are the Los Angeles Dodgers although a trade offer had been made and denied by the Dodgers. The Cubs offered the Dodgers Dempster for right-handed pitcher Allen Webster but the Dodgers denied it. It looks like the Dodgers may send over prospects who could turn into major league relievers down the line. There also have been rumors that the Dodgers could be moving away from targeting Dempster and instead going after Matt Garza.

The Cubs are in a bit of pinch as the trade deadline is looming. A possible deal between the Dodgers and Cubs is still up in the air and as the days go on neither a trade to the Dodgers or the Braves looks like it is happening. There could be potential suitors as the days wear on.

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