Bud Selig Plans to Extend Instant Replay

By Bryan Lutz

I believe MLB commissioner Bud Selig kind of gets a bad wrap. Although he does a lot of things that I disagree with, I believe he has made the game of baseball better, especially with adding the wild cards in each league. But there has been one thing Bud Selig has been oblivious about, and that is adding instant replay. Luckily, Mr. Commissioner might be coming to his senses, stating that he plans to extend replay on the Mike Lupica radio show this afternoon.

All I can say is thank the Lord. Umpiring continues to get worse and worse, and replay should help all the parties involved. Now, I don’t expect them to use replay for every play in a game, but trapped balls, force outs, and tag plays should all be reviewed on top of fair/foul home run balls. It’s easy enough to slow those plays down and make the correct call. It’s certainly a lot better than the human element completely messing up a game. We wouldn’t have the Todd Helton play against the Dodgers earlier in the year, or the DeWayne Wise catch, and the countless other mistakes the umpires make on a daily basis.

If Bud Selig is going to expand replay, I hope he actually addresses the strike zone issues as well. The strike zone is a rule not a preference as some umpires use it as. There shouldn’t be different strike zones used by other umpires. I am so sick of idiots like DJ Reyburn, Angel Hernandez, CB Bucknor, and Jeff Kellogg making up their own strike zones, and then be antagonizing jerks after their zones get question. But I’ll get off my soapbox right there.

I’m glad baseball is embracing the technology given to them, moving away from their Amish stance on replay. How will baseball handle a replay system, however? Will they have challenges? If they lose said challenge, will they lose an out? So many questions to figure out, but it’s certainly better than not using replay.

UPDATE: I guess we have our answer on what he meant:

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