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Three Players The New York Mets Should Plan On Moving At The Deadline

With the emergence of Matt Harvey last night, at least for one game, Zack Wheeler not far behind and the hope that Jonathan Niese can pitch a full year, the New York Mets are stacked with starting pitching for years to come.  With a solid starting five and Frank Francisco as their closer next year, it is safe to assume that believe it or not, the Mets are not that far off from meaningful October baseball.

Yes, I said it, and I’ll say it again, meaningful October baseball.  Understand that the Mets really are only three or four quality players away from making a mad dash from start to finish and here are my views on who they should part with to make this happen for 2013.  Three positions that need to be shored up this offseason and the Mets can get a head start with are of course catcher, outfield and bullpen.  All Mets fans can see that.

The best players they have to offer in order to achieve their goal is Ike Davis, Scott Hairston and Bobby Parnell.  By dealing these three players, the Mets may very well be able to secure a major league reliable catcher and possibly an outfielder.  Just remember that I understand that Davis is a fan favorite, but Lucas Duda would be a viable alternative.  Duda has pop in his bat, although struggling at the plate this year, but can field the position and we won’t be subject to watching his ugly gallops in the outfield.

Hairston could be a nice addition for a team in the hunt for this year’s playoff run and could be key in a trade that can bring back an arm for the bullpen. Then you have Parnell and his fastball that any club would welcome during their October run and who might just succeed on a new team.  All three are expendable players as there are viable options the Mets have at each position.  Plus the fact that management is intent on playing Jason Bay instead of eating his contract, and Jordanny Valdespin needs more playing time and now is the perfect storm.

With a starting rotation that would include Harvey, Wheeler, R.A. Dickey, Niese and Dylan Gee, plus the imminent return of Jenrry Mejia and Francisco, along with Jeurys Familia that can be added to the pen, these Mets are so close to building a solid club.  A starting catcher, a solid outfielder such as Justin Upton from the Arizona Diamondbacks, and a set-up man and future closer in the bullpen and the first half of this season would be just the beginning.

You may not agree with losing Davis, Hairston and Parnell, but those are the best pieces the Mets have without gutting the farm system that everyone thought would never produce.  The deadline is looming and although the fans do not have much to hold on to for this year, there is no reason why Sandy Alderson can not help build this team for 2013.  There are three days left until the MLB trade deadline and come August 1st, all fans will know the true intentions of ownership and just how committed the Wilpons really are towards winning.


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