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Time to Cut Jason Bay

To say that Jason Bay has been disappointing for the New York Mets is putting it nicely. Bay has been more than atrocious in his third season in Flushing, and should be shown the door by Sandy Alderson immediately.

In three concussion shortened seasons, Bay has hit .243/.327/.381 (Batting Average/On Base Percentage/Slugging Percentage) and hasn’t improved much this season, he’s hitting just .176 with five home runs.

If the Mets want to prove that money is not an issue as it was last year, then cutting Bay would be the answer. Bay has $24 million left on his contract (2012-13) and has a $14 million vesting option which will be activated if Bay were to reach 600 plate appearances in 2013, or 500 plate appearances in 2012 and 2013 combined.

After settling the Madoff fiasco, the Mets have said that money is no longer an issue and can start spending like they have in the past, whether or not the Mets spend the big bucks, its encouraging to see that they have the ability to spend.

Cutting Bay wouldn’t be the worst financial decision the team has made, it’s pointless to continue to put Bay in the lineup everyday and continue to hinder the teams production. The releasing of Bay would not just show the fan base that the team isn’t being strangled by the dollar signs, but also that the team is fully committed to the future and finally give the Mets faithful a clear answer on the franchise’s direction.

A given answer has been something that Mets GM Sandy Alderson hasn’t exactly given to the fans in his second year, let’s remember the Jose Reyes drama last year when Alderson chose not to deal Reyes and eventually let him walk away to Miami in December.

To give you a little dose of reality, the Mets are 14-18 (.437) with Bay in the lineup this season and 34-33 (.507) without Bay’s services. Yes the reason for the Mets demise since 2010 isn’t entirely on Bay, however, by keeping Bay on the roster, a spot is used up on somebody who has scorekeepers predicting another 0 for 4 just before first pitch.

It’s time to cut Bay, not worry about the contracts, and give time to players that are deserving i.e. Jordany Valdespin. and most importantly give the team’s fan base a direct answer on the future of this franchise.