Chicago White Sox Miss Out On Greinke, Change Plans For Danks

The Chicago White Sox were one the teams that were outbid Friday as the Milwaukee Brewers traded “Ace” Zach Greinke to the Los Angeles Angels for prospects Jean Segura, Ariel Pena and John Hellweg.  I haven’t seen any reports of what the White Sox were offering for Greinke, but the Brewers didn’t seem to think it was enough.  Now the question is, what does Kenny Williams have up his sleeve?  Is John Danks the addition they are hoping for later this year if and when he returns from the disabled list?

The White Sox decided to change Danks’ plan regarding his rehab process.  He will do less long toss and more throwing off the mound, therefore hoping he can get his arm strength back quicker.  Danks who through off the mound on Friday, said he felt fine, but didn’t feel as strong as he thought he would.  The hope is that the Sox get Danks back by the end of September in time for the stretch run.

Williams still has four days to figure out what exactly he wants to do to improve this roster to make a playoff push.  I said in another article that two players they should go after should be Chicago Cubs’ utility player Jeff Baker and Colorado Rockies‘ lefty reliever Matt Reynolds.  As far as the rotation goes, I am not sure what I would want the Sox to go after now that Greinke is off the market.  The best starters available are James Shields of the Tampa Bay Rays, Josh Johnson of the Miami Marlins and Ryan Dempster of the Cubs.  The one thing that makes these next few days so crazy, is the fact that Kenny Williams seems to always pull off a trade that nobody seen coming.  Could that happen again this year?  We will have to wait and see.