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Cincinnati Reds’ Pitching Reason for Success

The Cincinnati Reds are really tearing it up right now.  They are, dare I say, en fuego.  They have won a season high 8 in a row, swept 3 of the last 4 series and won 15 of their last 17 games.  They are playing quite well, to say the least.

The reason that the Cincinnati Reds are playing so well, really comes down to their pitching.  As a team the Reds are 2nd in ERA at 3.25.  They are not a high strikeout bunch, their success comes in not walking batters.  In that category, they are tied for second with only walking 263 batters.

Splitting the pitching into starters and relievers, we find that both are being very consistent; however, the relievers are especially good.  The relievers for the Cincinnati Reds are first in ERA (2.50), wins (20), ER (73), Runs (83), BAA (.217), HR allowed (20) and on and on. 

Individually for the relievers, you’ve got to focus on Aroldis Chapman.  The Cuban Missile, after a scorching first two months (0.00 ERA) and a hiccup in June (6.97 ERA), is back to scorching in the month of July.  The Cincinnati Reds’ closer has a 0.00 ERA during July.  Not only that, he has saved 11 out of 11 games, allowed only 5 hits (only one hard hit), struck out 29 while only allowing 2 BB.  For the season, Chapman has his ERA at 1.48, 20 saves and is now striking out a little over 17 batters per 9 innings pitched.  The record is a little over 16.  He is back and is the definition of shut down.

Not to leave out the work of the other starters, but when talking about that group, you must focus on Johnny Cueto

Cueto has 12 wins to and 5 losses.  His ERA is 2.23 (his ERA since the All-Star break is 0.69).  The really amazing statistic to show just how good Cueto is, is ERA at home.  Cueto, who pitches in the most homer (hitter) friendly ballpark in baseball, has an ERA of 1.94 and record of 7-1 at GABP this season.  I mean really, who can put up those kinds of numbers in that ball park.

There is little doubt Cincinnati Reds are a great team.  They are tied for the most wins in the NL with a record of 59-40 and are, as I pointed out earlier, on a tear to say the least.  While the hitting appears to be coming around, it is in fact the pitching that has put them in that position.