New York Mets' Scott Hairston Unlikely to get Traded to Tigers

By Kevin Van Pelt

The New York Mets have been shopping outfielder Scott Hairston as the trade deadline approaches. The Detroit Tigers were rumored to be interested in trading for him, but it appears that the trade will be unlikely to happen.

As the Mets entered the All-Star break, they looked like they would be buyers. However, the Mets have only won two games sine the All-Star break and have lost two starting pitchers to the disabled list. David Wright has been struggling as of late and the bullpen continues to be a mess.

As for the Tigers, they need a right-handed batter like Hairston. He has been dominate against lefties this season batting .309 and has 12 home runs this season in just 83 games.

The Mets trying to trade Hairston is an interesting move for New York. There seems to be almost no gain from this move as the prospects that the Mets would get would not be that high of prospects. Also, Hairston is a player that might be utilized more since Lucas Duda has been demoted to the minors and Jason Bay looks close to be heading there as well.


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