Another One Bites The Dust: Adam Lind Joins Crowded Toronto Blue Jays DL

By Thom Tsang

If you feel like a weekend just isn’t complete without another Toronto Blue Jays player landing on the DL, you’re in luck, because Adam Lind has you covered.

The Blue Jays DH/first baseman had missed all 3 games in the home series against the Detroit Tigers with an ailing back; while it was initially hoped that day-to-day rest and observation would help, the other foot dropped on Lind’s injury earlier today, as the team officially placed him on the disabled list before heading out for a week-long road trip:

This make Lind approximately the 5048765803702 12th player that the Blue Jays currently have on the DL, if you’re still bothering to keep count at this point. Lind will joining the likes of JP Arencibia (broken hand), and Jose Bautista (wrist inflammation) for at least a couple of weeks. Taking his place on the team during the upcoming road trip is David Cooper, who had been recalled from the AAA Las Vegas.

Cooper has been on a roll lately, and is carrying 14 game hitting streak with the 51’s, batting .448/.552 in the process with a couple of homers and 11 doubles. Nothing to get too excited about, really; most of those games were played at the 51’s home in Las Vegas, where Cooper carries a 1.178 OPS, almost double of his .602 OPS everywhere else.

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