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Chicago Cubs Trade Geovany Soto To The Texas Rangers

Geovany Soto has not been that great this year but the Chicago Cubs have found a team interested in him.  The team has traded the catcher to the  Texas Rangers for prospect Jason Brigham.

Geovany Soto has struggled this year but any prospect that the Cubs could get for him will help in the long run.  This deal falls on the heels of a Reed Johnson trade, which has also netted the Cubs some prospects.  They need young guys in order to complete their plan of competing in the next couple of years.

The Cubs are probably not done moving people just yet either.  They still have plenty of guys on the roster to move and not many are untouchable.  If they can get a good package for a player, they will not hesitate to trade them.  That is how you build for the future.  Sacrifice now for later.

It may be a long wait for Cubs fans but the plan seems to be working.  They are moving the veterans that will not be there in the long run for kids that could help them win a title in the future.  The present will suck but the future looks bright.

More moves will be coming down the pipe as the trade deadline inches closer.  This might be a move that leads to more moves soon.  Once one trade happens, other teams seem to get itchy to move their guys.  Fun times for everyone, except for the teams that can’t make moves.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.