Chicago Cubs Trade Reed Johnson And Paul Maholm To The Atlanta Braves

By Riley Schmitt

Reed Johnson was the first Chicago Cubs domino to fall.  The team removed the outfielder late in their game on Monday as they have agreed to send Reed Johnson and pitcher Paul Maholm to the Atlanta Braves for prospects.

Now that the first move is out of the way, expect the Cubs to become a lot more active.  Reed Johnson will help his new team but the prospects were what the Cubs wanted.  They still have plenty of pieces to move, including Ryan Dempster.  I feel like this move was just the first one as the deadline is slowly approaching.  The Cubs needs to rebuild the system, so expect the veterans to get moved and moved quickly.

Believe it or not, the Cubs have actually been playing pretty good baseball over the last month or so.  After the first three months were so hard to watch, July has been some decent baseball to enjoy.  They actually look like a real baseball team out there.  Nothing like some positive momentum as the season goes on.

I still feel like the Cubs are a couple years away before being a serious threat in the National League.  They do have some talent but they need to fix the pitching staff before they go anywhere.  If they are able to pick up more young arms, they could be a threat for years to come.  With a lot of pieces to move, young pitching will be the main thing that they go after.

It is about to be a very exciting time to be a baseball fan.  The moves are going to start flying and this might have been the first domino to topple in a rash of trades across the league.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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