MLB Rumors: Are The Oakland A's In On Stephen Drew?

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How about this? The Oakland Athletics are inMLB Rumors discussing being a buyer, not a seller most (including myself) thought they would be. With that being said, the Arizona Diamondbacks are supposedly thinking about trading Willie Bloomquist or Stephen Drew. If that’s the case, the A’s would for sure be interested in a talented SS like Stephen Drew. Drew hasn’t hit his stride yet since recovering from that horrific ankle injury last year, so the A’s could be a buy low candidate as Billy Beane loves to feast on a player like that.

What would it take to get someone like Drew? It’s hard to say because his value hasn’t been established. I would say 2 prospects with some decent upside would get it done. How about OF Bobby Crocker and OF Aaron Shipman? Both guys are young with some crazy upside, and both should be expendable for the A’s in the outfield. If the Diamondbacks are that ready to get rid of Stephen Drew, why not?

It would be a great trade for the A’s as it gives them a dynamic middle infielder and a guy that’s going to go to battle. Drew might never be a consistent all star, but he’ll be a consistent player that fits in with the A’s and what they want to accomplish.

If Drew is on the table, I expect Billy Beane to pull the trigger. After all- it’s certainly what he’s done in years past. Why stop now?