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MLB Rumors: Chicago Cubs Ready To Package Brett Jackson In With Ryan Dempster?

The Chicago Cubs are rumored to be interested in putting Brett Jackson into the rumored Alfonso Soriano/Ryan Dempster trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers. This would be stunning because the Cubs need prospects and trading one of your better ones isn’t typically part of the rebuilding process. However, with the signing of Jorge Soler, the Cubs might feel like Jackson is expendable now. His season in AAA hasn’t been what I call great, so I guess I can see the theory behind it.

Jackson was removed from his AAA game, and everyone thought he was on his way to Chicago. Well, the Cubs are calling up Dave Seppelt so that’s made everyone lose their minds.

This also tells me the Cubs are making a push to land Zach Lee, the number 1 prospect with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s a plus arm and should be in the bigs sooner rather than later. The Cubs desperately want to add pitching to their minor league depth so trading Jackson to sweeten the deal to get Lee is one risky move.

I can say, this is really exciting. The Cubs are being ultra aggressive with shedding some of the pointless veterans on this squad and are aiming to acquire as much young talent as humanly possible. IF the Cubs can get Zach Lee, I’ll sacrifice Brett Jackson every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We’ll see what happens, but we’ll continue to update you guys on all MLB Rumors on