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MLB Rumors: Cincinnati Reds to do Nothing?

As the trade deadline is less than 24 hours away, it appears that the Cincinnati Reds are prepared to do nothing.  The MLB Rumors concerning the Reds has had them pretty much all over the place.  First they want pitching, then a clean up, no it’s a lead-off hitter.  As it turned out they shied away from some (Shane Victorino), some were not up for trade (Carlos Quentin or Cole Hamels) or still an outside possibility (Juan Pierre or Denard Span).

There are several within the Reds’ organization that are calling for the Reds to do nothing.  That the team is really coming together and playing as a unit.  In other words, why break up something that is working.  Ryan Ludwick chimed in about the possibilities of a trade when he said, “I feel like the team chemistry in here is awesome. Everyone in here gets along. I think we believe. Having Votto out of the lineup as long as he’s been out and have the record we have, you’ve got to believe. We’re getting contributions from different players at different times.”

“If you believe in yourselves, that’s half the battle. I think this is the best actual team chemistry on the big league level that I’ve ever been a part of.”

To be fair here, Ludwick has been traded himself the last two seasons at the trade deadline, both to teams that didn’t make the playoffs.  If the Reds do make a trade, it will affect him in one way or the other because the Reds would be bringing in another outfielder.

Chemistry or not, MLB Rumors has the Reds as in the market for leadoff help.  However, it is clear that the Reds are not willing to give up more than a little above average player to make the trade.

MLB Rumors or not, we will know for sure in less than 24 hours.