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MLB Rumors: Should The Rangers Be More Interested In Josh Johnson Or Cliff Lee?

The Texas Rangers might be the most sought after team for anyone looking into MLB Rumors at this time. With the Los Angeles Angels making a huge move and traded for Zack Greinke, all eyes focus on what the Rangers are going to do to counter. There are two premiere pitching names on the market right now. Cliff Lee of the Philadelphia Phillies and Josh Johnson of the Miami Marlins have some crazy value, and both will bring a quality upper rotation arm to the organization for the stretch run. The problem is, how much do the Rangers need them, how much will they pay to get one of them, and which one should they focus on? Well- this might be unpopular- but I’m trading for Josh Johnson and not Cliff Lee.

Why Josh Johnson? Well to me, this is about value long term- not short term. Trading for Cliff Lee is risky because A) he’s getting older, and he hasn’t exactly pitched like the Cliff Lee of old this year. The price tag is probably high so I’m not sure he’s the right fit at this day and age for the Rangers. Throw in the fact he spurned the Rangers a few years ago- it could mean the Rangers ownership is slow to the trigger. Josh Johnson makes more sense because he’s younger, more dynamic, and like Lee- is signed through next year. Even though Josh Johnson hasn’t pitched like he has in the past before too, I would argue that he would bring more to the table at this stage in his career than Cliff Lee.

Anyway we cut this one, it’s going to cost the Rangers an arm and a leg, but I think they’re in the best position to win the World Series and that’s what it comes down too- winning….this year.

It’s insanely possible the Texas Rangers don’t make a move on either and stand pat. They have a huge system so they might not wanna ruin that. It’ll be very interesting to see what they wanna do before tomorrow.