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MLB Rumors: The Blue Jays Have Asked For Matt Garza’s Medical Records

Just a few more MLB Rumors surrounding the Chicago Cubs RHP Matt Garza, no big deal. The Toronto Blue Jays have reportedly intensified their position on Garza and have wanted to either do an exam or get his medical records from the Chicago Cubs.

This continues to be crazy as the Chicago Cubs are definitely in fire sale mode now. There are numerous theories on what the Cubs want for Garza, but apparently their focused on Anthony Gose, as Brett Jackson is rumored to be involved in the deal around Ryan Dempster.

If the Cubs trade Matt Garza for nothing, I’m going to be upset even though I don’t want Garza. This is your most valued player not named Starlin Castro so you can’t just give him away. If I were the Cubs- I get Travis d’Arnaud back or I walk away. I  just can’t see the Cubs making a deal without getting 2 top arms or 3 top prospects back in return.

Either way, I can’t be too sure on anything right now, and we’ll continue to update you here on through the night as the Chicago Cubs are certain to make some waves.


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