MLB Rumors: The Chicago Cubs Might Not Trade Ryan Dempster?

By gilgerard

MLB Rumors are floating around Chicago, that the Chicago Cubs might not trade Ryan Dempster after all. After Dempster blocked a trade to the Atlanta Braves for Randall Delgado, every report surfaced that Dempster only wanted to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. That’s great and dandy and all- but the Dodgers expect the Cubs to hand Dempster over for nothing and Theo Epstein and company won’t do that.

This is going to be a complicated situation at the deadline tomorrow. The Cubs know they need to get SOMETHING for Dempster, but don’t want to just deal him for nothing. The problem is, the Dodgers hold all the cards here and they know it. When Dempster blocked the trade to Atlanta, it ridiculously shrunk his value up to nothing so the Dodgers have no other choice but to literally chill until the Cubs come to their senses.

To make things more complicated, there were a few reports saying the Cubs were trying to package Dempster with Bryan LaHair or Alfonso Soriano but so far nothing else has come to fruitation.

This situation falls solely on Ryan Dempster as he’s shown he’s not the guy most people thought he was. Turning down the trade was incredibly unprofessional, but I have faith that the Chicago Cubs and their talented front office will figure out a way to salvage a really bad situation.

We’ll see what happens as tomorrow approaches.

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